Yikes! 2.000 Likes. Awesome. One month ago, unknown artist Maggie Rogers celebrated this little milestone in her Social Media career with a simple selfie. A few weeks later she’s close to hitting 150.000 FB Followers. Well, you do the maths right here to get an idea of what that means. What happened in the meantime? Pharrell Williams happened. This video of the famous pop star attending The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and getting face-to-face with the music students became a viral hit, despite being over 30 minutes long.

Well, most people started to skip to the 18:25 mark because that’s where the magic happens … literally. Pharrell is a professional who has worked with pretty much everybody in the scene, from Jay Z to Daft Punk. Simple phrases like ‘Carry on’, ‘Do your thing’ and ‘Believe in yourself as an artist’ can easily be found in his repertoire. But something happened during this listening session. Mr. Williams was truly emotionally touched by Rogers’s track ‘Alaska’. A rare unstaged moment that surprised pretty much everyone involved in this.
Pharrell - Maggie Rogers - GIF

Well, the rest seems to be modern history. ‘Alaska’ is out now and the streaming numbers are already reaching astronomical heights. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pharrell signed her directly after that video. It’s nice to see that the beginning of this little fairytale is such a wonderful and quite unpretentious song by a really authentic and smart young artist who doesn’t seem to be interested in being the next Taylor Swift. Well, hopefully. It’s a gentle reminder that good and honest music is still out there; it just needs to be found – with or without the help of Mr. Williams.

Foto: YouTube
Featured: Katia Temkin