I think I am inspired by pain. I realised this as I was sitting on my balcony last night and looking at Sonnenallee tears started to come down my cheeks, wetting my nightgown. I thought of so many ideas for different photography projects; my mind was running wild. But I was confused how could I take inspiration from such an awful incident?

Why was I crying? On the 28th of June, 2016, three men attacked the Istanbul Atatürk Airport killing and injuring people. How could they? I wish I could understand. But perhaps I do understand. They did it because they do not know how it feels to create something or someone in this case. They have never known what it feels like to love or to be loved.

We come into this world through an act of lovebetween a man and a woman: sex. Most of the world lives in different systems. Some of them support the idea that sex is a sinful act. It is not. Sex is where life comes from, it is part of nature. Yet we are so embarrassed to even talk about it. But how can this be natural and healthy? We should all be talking about it, experiencing it so that we do not get obsessed. The hidden always attracts attention.


Sexual energy needs to flow out of us; it should never be blocked. It is how we get inspired. It is how we learn how to show and receive love. The moment of climax is one of the few moments in life when we are free from our egos and time stops. That is why it feels so good because for a few seconds we are unconscious and free.

The three bombers of Istanbul were from a culture that supports the suppression of sexuality they are ruled by religious leaders and politicians who take advantage of those people who are miserable and unloved. They created terror, fear and hate. My answer to this will always be more of my art, more love and more fighting for freedom in every way.




Images: Eylül Aslan