Do you sometimes feel like you have just one good joke? Are you brightly coloured and pixelated? Are you — go with it — potentially a meme?  Ever since Elon Musk told us that we’re probably living in a video game and that there’s a “one in billions” chance we’re actually residing in reality, the chance that you’re not actually a flesh-and-blood human being seems like one worth chewing over. But are you really a complex enough organism to be a video game character? Can you really claim you possess the same depths of character as, say, the Lara Crofts of this world? Nope. I’m calling it: I’m probably a meme and so are you. But which popular 2016 meme are you?

  1. Your mood upon waking is…

(a) Great: As a handsome teen boy with effortless personal style, life’s sunny.

(b) Sad: Sometimes you feel you’re in a game rigged against you: as a woman, you don’t seem to be able to ever say the right thing.

(c) A perfect storm of despondency/sexual thirst: All of your “let’s just be friends” are friends you don’t have anymore.

(d) Meh: Charming but aloof.


  1. Where do you like to hang out?

(a) Doesn’t matter where I am, it’s who I’m with that counts — as long as my hype man’s there, recording my fashion choices for posterity, everything’s good.

(b) Wherever the electorate is most in need of political guidance.

(c) Anywhere with a good view.

(d) Lodged within an overly analytical internet think-piece penned by writers at least two decades older than the teens sharing you.


  1. Your style is…

(a) All about those Vans

(b) All about looking sharp in a suit (but hopefully relatable to millennials, too!!)

(c) All about that iconic sheepskin leather bomber jacket

(d) Minimal, baby. You don’t wear clothes. Never have, never will.


  1. You probably go on holiday to…

(a) California, psychic home of easy-going skater bois with a preppy twist

(b) Vermont if you’re male, the Hamptons if you’re female

(c) Barbados, but that has nothing to do with Rihanna, OK?

(d) Anywhere with good unicycling paths


  1. Your house party game is…

(a) You’re basically prom king.

(b) Weak. You try so hard, but you feel so judged.

(c) You’re not everybody’s cup of tea, but the people who are into you are obsessed with you.

(d) Out of this world: men, women, children, animals, extra-terrestrials: who doesn’t love you?



You’re “Damn, Daniel”

Back at it again with the white vans! You’re a timeless meme that keeps the Worldwide Web smiling. Sure, you’re not weird or out-there, but you’re an instant mood-lift, and that’s what counts. While it’s possibly distressing to find you’re a Vine clip rather than a sentient human being, take comfort in the fact that Internet-based charisma doesn’t get any sweeter than this.


You’re “Bernie vs. Hillary”

Oof. Life’s tricky as one of 2016’s more subtly sexist memes; shading Hillary for being an uptight try-hard who doesn’t know shit about Radiohead’s back catalogue is a little lazy. Still! Your take on the 2016 American Presidential Election is less filled with horror than most, mainly because you don’t even mention Trump.


You’re “Drake sitting on things”

You’re all about that intersection between slapstick physical comedy and mournful facial expressions, and why the hell not? Sitting (kind of sadly) on unlikely things is FUNNY. Also, since there’s very little evidence to prove Drake is a human being and not just a meme, as a meme about a meme, you’re all sorts of postmodern.



You’re “here come dat boi o shit waddup”

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The Internet’s most mysterious meme of 2016, you’ve got a long, complicated back history. You’re a mash up of two different memes and a picture from a physics textbook. You’re a better litmus test for age than asking for a driver’s licence, since nobody over 25 (if they’re honest) totally gets why you’re funny, which makes you even funnier.

Header: Clara Huber