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2016 was a year with a lot of political and social setbacks. Which is why it’s even more important to find a sign: a sign against hatred, against exclusion, against populism and against xenophobia. For more love, togetherness and humanity. Today more than ever.

In November 2016, we — a collective of bloggers and creatives from Berlin’s Blogfabrik — had an idea. We would use our mass appeal and social media reach to collect donations for organisations which work to help refugees not just in Germany, but also in crisis regions across Europe. After we were able to collect over 20,000 euros thanks to your phenomenal support for our #HelpDontHate hashtag, we didn’t want to stop in 2016!

This year we’ve set ourselves the goal of reaching at least as many donations as last year (if not more) and by doing so, to support organisations that save lives on a daily basis and do important work.

How can you become part of the campaign?

You can generate your own picture in one of eleven languages above in this article.

For this year’s campaign we’ve come up with something very special indeed. Anyone who wants to take part or help publicise the campaign can generate a photo with a special frame here in this very article. Our hashtag #HelpDontHate is visible in this frame and you can opt for this message to appear in different languages, including Turkish, Arabic, Swedish and Icelandic. 

The idea behind this: Just as different languages do so, this message connects us all and creates a shared identity. Please use this photo as your profile picture and make sure you share it with the Betterplace link for the campaign for donations.


  1. UPLOAD your profile photo to our profile generator and share it on your social media platform of choice, along with the Betterplace link
  2. SHARE our video with the link to the Betterplace campaign
  3. DONATE, donate, donate!

Donations help! These organisations have earned your support.

Jugend Rettet e.V.
This initiative focuses on the political failings of various European governments, which leads to people drowning on an almost daily basis in the Mediterranean

Give Something Back To Berlin
The Berlin Social Initiative helps new Berliners, including hundreds of refugees, get involved socially. The platform was even awarded the Intercultural Innovation Award this year.

The information and counselling centre for migrant women is committed to the rights of refugee women.

Das Macht Schule
This organisation carries out campaigns in schools across Germany to improve on the “Wilkommenskultur” (the reception refugees are met with) in different areas.

Start With A Friend
They connect refugees with locals in language exchanges, based on their interests and needs. They are already operating in ten different German cities.

Get #helpdonthate updates?

You can find out about the level of donations at the Betterplace website. We’ll be letting you know via Twitter and Facebook (using the hashtag #helpdonthate) how many donations we’ve received so far and how the donations are helping the organisations listed above.

We’d love for you to get involved with this campaign and take ideas from #helpdonthate and execute them in the world at large. Upload a new profile photo with our profile photo generator and say NO to hate and intolerance together with us. 

Video: Sebastian Weinmann
Musik: Sarah P.