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Eylül Aslan



A Trip Down my Online Memory Lane

On the feeling one has when looking at the first pages of one’s social media channels – Is it embarrassment or joy?

Censoring the Origin of the World

I recently posted a photo of a painting of a vulva on Instagram and in seconds received a message from my father telling me to delete it. Is he the one who decides what I post online?

My "Herrenlos"-Speech at TedX

In September I gave a keynote on the topic “Herrenlos” at TEDx University Mannheim. It was a subject close to my heart. The video of my speech is now available online.

Passion Changes Everything

The story of how I ended up giving a TEDx talk on passion.

Where Is My Off Button?

Living a life where everything, everyone and every experience is a potential photograph can be exhausting.

Inspired by Love

How and where do we find the inspiration to create or does it find us?

Tokyo Colours

Thoughts on the influence of colour and how they inspire and change us…

Terror Is a Lover’s Pain

I wish this article didn’t exist. But it has to because there has been another terrorist attack in Turkey and I want to think out loud, to understand and maybe explain why …

Tinder Casting

I was only using Tinder to look for photo models. Don’t believe me? Neither did the guys.

Where Is Your Block Button?

Harassment is a problem we have to deal with online and offline. Unfortunately there is not much one can do to avoid it, except turning a blind eye like the three monkeys.

Das gewissenlose Meer

Endlich Urlaub! Darauf hatte ich mich gefreut. Doch Bodrum hatte sich verändert. Es war nicht mehr der idyllische Badeort. Alles war anders.

Paris war plötzlich anders

Im November war ich in Paris – dann kam alles anders.

Selbstbestimmung ist eine Kerze

Eylül Aslan erzählt in fotografischen Geschichten die Erfahrung mit ihrer neuen kreativen Heimat, der Blogfabrik.