Picture by Valquire Veljkovic

Nicolas Simoneau

Art Director // Graphic Designer

Co-Founder & Art Director @ KALTBLUT MAGAZINE


Warum liebst du was du tust?
I love to search for emerging artists and then to give them the platform they need to grow. It is very enriching to discuss with so many people about our vision on Art, Culture, Society .. I also love the fact that I work with Images every day. I used to say that I was better with images than with words, which I still believe it's true.
Wofür nutzt Du das Internet?
I use internet for a lot of things, to discover new talents, to informe myself, to connect and, also sometimes to disconnect.
Wer ist dein Content Liebling?
Images, everything that is visual, music, art and culture.
Was war dein glücklichster Moment?
The Return of the Spice Girls - 2008
Was möchtest du gerne lernen?
Die Blogfabrik ist für dich…
is an amazing space where I feel very really comfortable.I It's great to be surrounded by all these creatives minds.

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