Sophie Atkinson

Journalist /copywriter /writer

Writes about pop culture, feminism, Berlin, startups and herself (because, narcissism).


Warum liebst du was du tust?
Because I can work wherever. Because I get to write about whatever I'm obsessed with at that moment in time. And because I get to run a sarky blog with friends and be a power-mad editrix.
Wofür nutzt Du das Internet?
11pm pizza deliveries. 2am can't-sleep Twitter scrolls. 7am did-the-apocalypse-happen-yet? The Guardian scrolls. Lunchtime Instagram. Mid afternoon FB procrastination. So, 24/7 for everything, apparently.
Wer ist dein Content Liebling?
Kemi Fatoba, because obviously (we run DADDY together).
Was war dein glücklichster Moment?
Discovering how the coffee machine at Blogfabrik works.
Was möchtest du gerne lernen?
How to get filthy rich. Answers on a postcard, please.
Die Blogfabrik ist für dich…
An oasis of non-internet-cafe printers, good soft drinks and even better humans.

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