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The Blogfabrik

A desk and a network of peers in exchange for text, images and film. This is the wonderfully simple deal behind Kreuzberg’s BLOGFABRIK, Germany’s first coworking space where bloggers, instagrammers, photographers and videographers pay for their workspace with content; uniting various digital skills and disciplines in an innovative centre of expertise which develops, publishes and promotes digital content.

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The DailyBreadMag is attending to the digital change of our society and documented the project Blogfabrik for the outside world. The content of the new online magazine is a creative dispute, which shows the evolution of the online world in the perspective from the Content Creators.


Der Space

With its 30 desks, conference room, video-editing technology, photo studio, lounge and kitchen, BLOGFABRIK is a fully-equipped coworking space that is ideal for communication and collaboration.

Content creators in the light, airy 555 m² of industrial space in the heart of Kreuzberg can enjoy a cosmopolitan atmosphere that encourages creativity, innovation and professional development. 

Thanks to workshops, readings and networking events which are all open to the public, the BLOGFABRIK doesn’t limit its relevance to content creators, but ensures it is a place all Berliners can find inspiration. If you want to use our event space for your next event please contact

Blogfabrik’s affiliated agency, KIOSK acts to connect content creators with business partners. If you want to work with us and our content creators, please contact us at

  • innovative digital concepts

  • workshops & further education
  • media management & consulting
  • event hosting & management
  • renting from photo studio and eventspace

Our team

Dr. Holger Bingmann
Maria Ebbinghaus
Project Lead & Head of Community
Claudio Rimmele
Project Lead & Head of Creation
Lia Melina Pack
Managing Editor
Martin Schrotter
Project Lead & Head of Agency
Nadine Reith
Event Manager
Peter Wagner
Assistant Agency
Antje König
Senior Project & Communications Manager
Volker Zanetti
Managing Director