The future of the digital content creation being debated at one of the panels

From day one the house was filled with people, and it made Blogfabrik almost unrecognizable.

Workplaces were turned into workshop spaces. The conference room was turned into a café/bar/meeting spot. The few dozen Blogfabrikanten who usually fill the space were joined by hundreds of visitors. And the bloggers, photographers, writers and magazine makers who make up the Blogfabrik team worked together instead of alongside one another.

Working room turned into workshop

Master bartender of the week Laetitia Duveau – also known as the influencer Little Voice, front singer of Free Free Dom Dom and the woman behind the platform Curated by GIRLS – was able to witness it all from behind the bar.

“It was so much fun, and it really brought people together,” she says of the event. “Usually most of us work behind our laptops, but this week was different.”

Laetitia working her magic

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. During the days the space was filled with workshops, panels and people there to learn.

The days started with panels of professionals in the world of blogging, influencing and digital content who debated the future of the field.

They continued with workshops where people (who flew in from as far as Malta) got a chance to learn about – and, not least, try out – subjects such as writing good headlines, creating advertorials, becoming smartphone photography gurus, promoting digital books and manipulating SEO algorithms to the maximum effect.

Learning how to make illustration

And they ended with social events such as the well-attended hate speech bingo and the after-party where workshop goers and hosts, debaters from panels and the whole Blogfabrik team got to continue the discussion (over drinks, of course).

Some conclusions were reached, but the dominating feeling after the week was over was that the fields of content creation, distribution and marketing keep changing and that the only way to stay on top of the constant movement is to keep experimenting, succeeding, failing and learning from one another.

Good thing we have the Content Creation Week.

Blogfabrik people and visiting workshop goers debating over drinks
Part of the Blogfabrik team having well-deserved drinks
Blogfabrikanten letting loose after a long week of talks, workshops, logistics and fun