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KALTBLUT Magazine is the leading indie magazine from Germany. KALTBLUT Magazine stands for a limitless symbiosis between art, photography, fashion, music and media. The theme of every issue works as a platform for artists to showcase their personal interpretation and point of view. By adopting this concept KALTBLUT hopes to break free from all traditional conventions and frames and allow an unhinged and borderless unfolding of creativity.

Marked by the Internet generation we have opted first for an online magazine format, aiming at achieving the fastest and most global connection between artists and readers. Our purpose is to create a thorough insight into every theme we go for, without pros and cons and without falling victim to social restraints. We don’t care about condemning but we care about providing our readers with an eye-opening experience instead.

We are specialized in editorial production, advertorial production, interviews and media partnerships.

KALTBLUT Magazine is based in Berlin.


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Marcel Schlutt

Nicolas Simoneau

Art Director // Graphic Designer

Du sollst den Tag nicht vor dem GIF loben

GIFs sind die heimlichen Stars unseres Social-Media-Lebens. Und das beste Mittel für mehr Facebook-Follower. Doch warum sind die kleinen beweglichen Bilder so beliebt?

5 Menswear-Influencer auf Instagram, die modebewusste Männer kennen sollten

Modebewusste Männer sind in Deutschland seltener als grüne Einhörner. Instagram sei Dank haben wir auf unseren kleinen Screens immer einen Zugang zu modischer Inspiration. Wenn man weiß, wem man da folgen sollte.

One Shot Is Hot – A Look at the Viral Success of Single-Take Music Videos

Music videos are the principal marketing tool for musicians to sell their music. One way to achieve a viral success is by creating something outstanding, like filming a music video in a single take.

Female Art and the Digital World

How does one act feminist in everyday situations? And what is feminist art? A conversation with Laetita Duveau of curated by GIRLS.

Katerina Belkina – Art and Role Playing with the Digital Self-Portrait

From the 3rd of February till the 26th, The Direktorenhaus Museum for Art, Craft and Design in Berlin, will host an exhibition focusing on the work of Katerina Belkina. By combining photography, painting and digital drawing, this artist questions the place of women in our society.

Get Branded: How Advertising Changed the Perception of Tattoos

Whether it be a pin-up or an anchor… Almost everyone has tattoos nowadays. Where does this phenomenon come from? Why do we love so much to brand ourselves? And how are advertisers today using it to seduce us?