INDIE magazine would like to welcome Bonne Reijn of Bonne Suits to Berlin this Saturday in Kreuzberg. 

So the story goes, back in 2014 Bonne had is first release of suits, he made, 50 Whites and 50 Blacks, promoting them in the simplest, to most obvious, ways. When the suits came in, Bonne Reijn took a family picture with close friends of his in front of his house located in Amsterdam’s city center. This iconic photo was sent to everyone inviting them over to feel, try and hopefully buy the suits. Nevertheless It was a big succes, almost all the suits were sold out in this one day living room sale, giving Bonne the energy and spirit to get Bonne Suits going on. 

Bonne was featured in the 48th issue of INDIE magazine dedicated to the FUTURE and was one of our „25 under 25″ as a designer to watch. 

So take this as your chance to come by and meet Bonne and get your very own Bonne Suit. We’ll be celebrating with drinks, and music by Lee Stuart

***For all of you tattoo fanatics, artist Kevin Dinges known as @KevinShred on Instagram will be tattooing the whole day as well, with special prices for this event only***

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