Berlin Independents Guide, Bpigs, is an artist run communications platform with a focus on highlighting the contemporary art scene from a producers point of view.

Bpigs consists of an exhibition listings and an online magazine. In the online magazine a team of artists and writers give direct access to behind the scene news and current debates. Bpigs was founded in 2010 by artist Despina Stokou (www.artsy.net/artist/despina-stokou). Writers and contributors include between others Adela Lovric, Sarie Nijboer, Maria Santos and Julianne Cordray.


Sarie Nijboer

Managing Editor at Bpigs, Curator, Writer and Arts Administrator

Cuban artists and the (lack of) Internet

The internet has brought us a constant stream of information, available anytime and anywhere. Cuba does not have this privilege. Or is it a curse? We look at the reality of Cuban artists to find out.

How to create an online exhibition

Today art doesn't only exist in the real world, but also in the virtual one. Consequently exhibitions also move from galleries to virtual spaces. We explain how online exhibitions work and how you may create your own.