I remember in art school one of my teachers saying that if you look properly at a catwalk during fashion week (the material used, the colours, the cut, etc.), you’ll be able to see how society is currently shaped. This can also be applied to computer art, especially to glitch art. Glitch art has become more visible in the past 3-4 years. And if you think for a moment, really think about it, it makes sense.


Credit: Mitch Posada

A “glitch” is, by definition, an error. The definition of the word is a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or fault in equipment. “Creation By Destruction” as Clif Pottberg, administrator of the Glitch Artists Collective Facebook group, says when presenting his work. So basically glitch art is happening when something goes wrong. It’s an imperfection, and the result is often strangely beautiful.


Credit: Mark Klink

Glitch art is a global movement against magazines using too much Photoshop to correct the imperfections of the models, “beautiful” people always looking at us in the advertising world. It is a new movement that is celebrating imperfections, or shall we say, creating imperfection and spreading it.


Credit: Dafna Ganani


Credit: Sabato Visconti

Glitch art can be done to an image file, an audio file and even to a video. It’s actually quite easy to start with. To corrupt a digital file with the intention to create a glitch, there are different ways. One of the easiest methods is to take a picture on your computer and to open it in a text program, change the code, copy and paste, save it and reopen the picture. TADA! You can find tons of tutorials on the web.



One of the main things about glitch art is that the results are unexpected. You don’t know what is going to happen after the corruption. Of course, if you can crack the logical method behind it, you can give more of a direction to it, but you do not have complete control over it. That’s part of the wonder of glitching.

Living in a world where everything needs to be under control and where trends come and go so quickly, it didn’t took long for glitch art to become a trend. Or should I say: for a certain “glitch aesthetic” to become trendy. So, nowadays you can find apps that will glitch an image for you with the push a button, and you’ll get the same result as if you were playing around for hours on your computer.


Credit: Dane Carney


Picture: Troy Ford

Somehow, any underground culture can become mainstream at some point. We can see it in music, fashion, cinema. It doesn’t take long before pop culture starts to use glitch as well. So what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon.



Want to get it? Here are some tutorials:




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Header image: Portraits of Tracy – selfportrait 01″ by Asymetr