The Hellphone area.
The Hellphone area.

At times it looks like everything is taking a place in the cloud. Backups are not being stored in a discrete physical way; they’re spreading all over mass media and on the internet, directly affecting our artistic and cultural heritage. But even in this massive virtual space, is it possible to find a digital void? It would be an ideal confrontation of no-content/mute-content and life as it really is: Reality… but what is reality, anyway?
In the near future, it will be hard – almost impossible – to explain our history without links, without the right codecs to support the varied formats. Should we save some additional backups for the coming generations?

I am an Argentinian digital artist and industrial designer. I specialize in real-time AV projects. I push beyond limits with a slightly chaotic style, blending influences from motion graphics and industrial design. I am currently working on several video art projects, lectures, workshops and audiovisual performances that reflect on the new paradigms of digital culture.

The internectuals.

I organize some of the inputs and outputs of my digital life today like this:

Twitter – my source for tech news
Facebook – my ticket to digital narcissism
Tumblr – daily inspirations
Instagram – my testing ground for new video content
Snapchat – just digital trash

I guess we all have similar schemes, representations and formats for our online selves. It’s just a matter of digital responsibilities, reshaping them and sorting them based on what we believe should be shared and exhibited online.


It seems like what interests us most is just a matter of how we read each other’s content: images on Instagram and Snapchat, text on Twitter, shared posts on Facebook. Screens are the main objects of our era.

El Brindis. Digital sculptures.

Recently, as an approach to this topic, I worked on a series of sculptures and video projects that question the contemporary obsession with a constant, multifaceted online presence. When the loop and the random dominate our media and recent art practices, (post-)internet art appears:

How long is your battery now?
A series of digital sculptures and a video installation. WRSW | BRLN 2016 Residency project at XS. Warsaw, Poland, 2016.

Heaven. Concept for videoinstallation.
Custom Selfie Sticks.
My Friends.

I am currently focused on audiovisual projects based on real time digital video manipulations, with sounds ranging from experimental techno, glitch, bass and even to broken-beat. Ultimately, my art aims to question how we interact with technology in our daily lives.



Audiovisual show at GLITCH Berlin.

All images by Lucas Gutierrez