There’s this infamous saying that no matter how passionately you argue about music at a party you mostly ends up playing a 90s trash music/ YouTube selection anyway. There might be some truth behind this but there’s still a lot of things to take care of before you resort to ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’ and ‘Backstreet’s Back’. As you might have already assumed, I’ve always been quite involved when it comes to the music picks for parties and to this day, I still ABSOLUTELY HATE IT when somebody gets close to switching up my playlist.

To avoid that on your upcoming NYE party I take this opportunity to provide you with a personal digital music guide for those critical hours between 2016 and 2017, featuring some of our favourite sets and playlists we featured on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION over the past months. You can thank me later.

Phase 1: Slowly getting things started

End the year with the songs that shaped it. Our 50 favourite tunes of the year come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. It’s not pure dance material but great for reminding you of the few good things that happened this year

Over the past years I heavily fell in love with the ‘Too Slow To Disco’ sampler and party series, curated by DJ Supermarkt. Focusing on soft rock and rare West Coast rarities from the 70s these retro selections are seriously smooth and perfect material to heat things up in a moderate way.

Phase 2: Let’s warm things up

I shamelessly start this party chapter with a mixtape I did on my own. I don’t do this as often as I used to but when I ease into my good old ‘Burnout Sumner’ alter ego, it’s quality material. Funky and soulful house stuff which might speed your whole party up.

If you want to impress your visitors, use that mighty mixtape NBHAP compiled together with the folks from Berlin’s Tutti Frutti Fest. It’s an alternative party selection, packed with old funk and psychedelic rarities, lo-fi garage rock vibes and a lot of odd pieces you never knew existed. One thing remains: an irresistible groove.

Phase 3: Ready to climax?

Now you’ve got everybody drunk and on board, time to fire up the hits. We’ve got an 100-track packed Spotify Playlist for this specific situation, featuring all sorts of different genres and artists. But this will keep your crowd going, trust me.

Secret tip. If the people are a bit lazy, old-school hip hop pretty much works every time; it’s just way too effective. I tend to use the following one in case of a dancefloor emergency when it’ll definitely solve any playlist woes you’ve got going on.

Phase 4: Everybody’s in waaaay too deep

Okay, midnight is gone for a while and the new year isn’t so new anymore. While your first guests may have already passed out or headed home, the rest keep on grooving. That’s usually the time where a good old fashioned electronic techno mixtape comes in handy. There’s countless ones circling around in the World Wide Web and usually eeeeeeverybooody has their own favourite label/ producer/ Boiler Room set etc. Personally, I like the one VIMES produced for NBHAP in 2016 as well as pretty much any tape Leipzig-based label KANN released.

Phase 5: The Aftermath aka the next morning

Hangover time, girls and boys. The night was short, the sun is already up and everything seems to be running in slow motion. Well, we’ve all been there, right? In which case it is essential to keep the tempo, kick drums and bass lines to an absolute minimum. You know, to swerve that mighty migraine. Acclaimed electronic producer Christian Löffler compiled a critically acclaimed Guestmix for us this year, focusing on the melancholic sweetness of the sea and this one works really great for the painful aftermath of your party.

And if you need even more time to chill NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s diverse Spotify account has got you covered, of course. How about this almost six-hour long selection of music to daydream to? This will last until you can see clearly again and realize that a new year doesn’t automatically have to result in a huge change, right? Have a passionate 2017!

Header: Celebration via Shutterstock