Sunday evening is that time of the week when every single young person in the Western world is probably doing two things: watching movies and swiping through Tinder. …And maybe scrolling through Instagram between chats occasionally, pretending to care about friends and what they did over the weekend, careful not to watch too many Instagram stories and fall into FOMO.

But lets not drift away from the subject: While you’re swiping and matching, I recommend you to watch this short movie „This Always Happens“ by Alexander Christenson, about one Tinder date in a big Western city. Looks like New York to me, but the story could actually happen the same way here in Berlin as well.

In appealingly theatrical dialogue, a cliché couple at the end of their drunken first date start to confront each other and themselves with their own stereotypes and frustrations of dating strangers trough Tinder over and over again. I was hooked at the initial astrology conversation, which I’ve had in my life so many times as well.

Maybe this short movie has more a theater feeling than one of a naturalistic short film. But I think anybody who’s had a couple of Tinder dates can relate to the protagonist, one way or another. And maybe we take it as a little reminder to leave our prejudices at home on the way to our next date.