The Content Creation Week successfully wrapped up its first edition in September. It was a hectic, fast-paced, fun and instructive week of workshops, panels, logistics, networking, and, for the Blogfabrik team, late nights and early mornings.

It was also a week of technology. As the pictures from the Content Creation Week show: there are no blogs without computers, video workshops without cameras, presentations without powerpoint, panels without projectors. While the Blogfabrikanten team is pretty geared up in general, we realised we’d run out of tech gear during the week, and that’s where our friends and sponsors at Grover came into the picture.

Grover is a Berlin-based startup helping out creatives with their digital needs. The founders know that in this day and age, most creatives depend on the digital realm to realise their dreams, and while the ideas might be free, the equipment isn’t. That’s how they came up with the concept of renting out pricy tech to creatives, which allows people to rent the equipment they need for however long they need it, instead of having to invest in it and keep it for good.

It gets even better than that. Grover just launched the Creators Program, which will select a talented handful of creatives and help them make their digital dreams come true. Whether you’re a filmmaker, photographer, musician, designer, virtual reality artist or old-fashioned writer – it doesn’t matter; the only thing that does matter is that you have an idea, and need the digital equipment to bring it to life. Grover will get you whatever you need equipment-wise for three months and follow your project from scratch. Apply here and get geared up! Digital limitations are no longer an excuse for not making that project you dream about see the light of day.