Anne Krüger


I am a M.A. graduate in Journalism and Communication. Over the past 7 years I worked in several Media Houses and Newspaper Offices – as well as in TV-Channels.


My focus lies on film, tv, culture, lifestyle.
I worked as a Producer, Editor, Content Manager and Copy Writer for different projects and agencies and have a strong network in film business, arts and culture, as well as the media and lifestyle sector.
In 2013 I founded the video plattform "Mediasteak", on which I curate the best free & legal online video content. In this context I'm working as a consultant and give workshops in the field of content curation and content marketing.
I'm looking for new international challenges, interesting contacts, business opportunities and exchange.
I'm a passionate Yogini, trying to practice everyday. When I'm not in Berlin you find me somewhere in South East in a Ashram in India or surfing in Bali.