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Eylül Aslan




A Trip Down my Online Memory Lane

On the feeling one has when looking at the first pages of one’s social media channels – Is it embarrassment or joy?

Censoring the Origin of the World

I recently posted a photo of a painting of a vulva on Instagram and in seconds received a message from my father telling me to delete it. Is he the one who decides what I post online?

My "Herrenlos"-Speech at TedX

In September I gave a keynote on the topic “Herrenlos” at TEDx University Mannheim. It was a subject close to my heart. The video of my speech is now available online.

Passion Changes Everything

The story of how I ended up giving a TEDx talk on passion.

Where Is My Off Button?

Living a life where everything, everyone and every experience is a potential photograph can be exhausting.

Inspired by Love

How and where do we find the inspiration to create or does it find us?