Keith Telfeyan

Writer, Video Artist

Keith comes to Berlin from New York, born in California. He studied Film & Rhetoric at UC Berkeley and has an MFA from Parsons The New School for Design. His passions include cinema, politics, comedy, minimalism, existentialism and debauchery. He is the English copy editor at Blogfabrik. He is finalizing his first novel about the constant search for escape.

I've written a novel about the modern condition of permanent distraction. I make poetic art videos.


Why do you love what you do?
I'm passionate about clarity and expression. I love helping people articulate their ideas through powerful and concise language.
Blogfabrik is for you…
A workspace that balances motivating structure with a laidback community, perfect for the flexibility and freedom of modern work
What is your favourite content?
Global politics, futurism and rational skepticism. Also satire and memes.
What do you want to learn?
Better German! Also how to best navigate this modern creative world.
What do you use the internet for?
Basically everything
Is a hot dog a sandwich?
How do you feel about the Oxford comma?
I use it sparingly. Most of the time it is unnecessary; people overuse commas while ignoring the often more effective hyphen, colon and semi-colon.
Why would someone hire you?
As a native English speaker with mastery over language, I'm able to clarify vocabulary and sentence structure for all purposes. I work timely and efficiently, and am pleasant to get along with :)
Do you believe in god?
This is not a useful question. The word is too loaded, too misunderstood. In the traditional sense: no. In a deeper sense: who I am to deny the underlying being in all things?
Which superpower would you like to have?
I would love to fly, but even more, probably to pause time.

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