Laetitia Duveau

Art curator, Bossgirl, songwriter

I'm the co-founder of Curated by GIRLS, a platform that promotes visual arts, focusing on diversity and equality. I'm also known as Little Voice, singer-songwriter & frontwoman of Free Free Dom Dom.


Warum liebst du was du tust?
I am wearing different hats: curator/artist/ bossgirl. It’s super exciting to be building something that matters to me. Every detail inspires me, every person I meet, every little corner... I have never been so inspired in my life. Time has no touch on me and that's when human is the most creative. Wherever you are, there are interesting things to explore.
Wofür nutzt Du das Internet?
research for artists, and to share my work.
Wer ist dein Content Liebling?
visual arts, photography, culture, music
Was war dein glücklichster Moment?
I try as much as possible to reborn happy everyday :)
Was möchtest du gerne lernen?
I wanna improve my skills as a boss ass businesswoman. Success but with love and respect.
Die Blogfabrik ist für dich…
a lovely space for a great community. I feel lucky to be part of it.

Dream Team

Blogfabrik is better than a dating app – instead of meeting lovers, you meet co-workers and most importantly, friends. Thanks to Blogfabrik, I have met wonderful people and I have been able to work with some of them. Through the process, I could really experience the strength of working together as a team. We are stronger as a team.

Social Media & Mental Health

Yes, we are internet addicts, stuck on our phones/devices 24/7, connected to the so-called modern world, gluttons for fame and recognition but unable to communicate with each other. Mental Health, baby!