Sophie Atkinson

Journalist /copywriter /writer

Sophie Atkinson is a freelance journalist who writes mostly for Bustle and High Snobiety about entertainment, but I also write for Dazed, VICE Germany, The Hairpin, Electric Literature and more. She was formerly Exberliner’s first startup editor and now she runs DADDY magazine along with Kemi Fatoba and Constantin Hartenstein.


Why do you love what you do?
Because I get a chance to set my own work, which means I’m generally writing about something I feel strongly about. This also allows me to structure my own schedule and choose where I want to work — I’ve spent months away from Berlin when I need some time out and it feels like an incredible privilege for that to be an option, especially since my family are based in the UK.
What do you use the internet for?
Oh, everything. Politics in the morning because so much has been happening in the UK recently that I like to wake up and check everything’s OK. Twitter on work breaks. Online Pomodoro to keep focus because I can’t stop being distracted. Facebook 24/7, much to my chagrin. And, more than anything else, to read everyone else’s work online because I’m genuinely fascinated by it – I don’t think I’d be doing this job if I hadn’t been having fits of ecstasy over everyone else’s writing at the likes of The Awl/The Hairpin, Hazlitt, Lit Hub and n+1 for years.
Who is your content favourite?
Too many to name (because of the whole constant article consumption thing), but always Alanna Massey, Heather Havrilevsky, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, Christopher Glazek, Charlotte Shane, Hannah Black, Jim Behrle, Edith Zimmerman. And more recently, Claire Carusillo’s essay on GOOP for The Outline made me scream with laughter/have feelings.[:en]Kemi Fatoba, because obviously (we run DADDY together).
What was your happiest moment?
Tricky! Probably getting a piece published at The Hairpin because I’ve been worshipping at the altar of Choire Sicha since forever and being part of his media empire gave me multiple small orgasms. And discovering how the coffee machine at Blogfabrik works.
What would you like to learn?
How to get filthy rich. Answers on a postcard, please.
What is Blogfabrik to you?
The one thing standing between me losing my mind because I’ve been writing at home in my pyjamas for two days trying to meet a deadline. Being forced to shower, wear clothes, eat things that aren’t “a handful of cereal washed down with orange squash” sounds really great sometimes. Also: a great hangout spot uniting some supremely interesting humans all in one place.

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