Michelle Arrouas

Journalist and author

Freelance journalist covering international affairs and travel


Warum liebst du was du tust?
As a roaming freelance journalist I get to travel the world, write about what I care about the most, and be my own boss.
Wofür nutzt Du das Internet?
Research, inspiration, procrastination.
Wer ist dein Content Liebling?
David Remnick, Katherine Boo, Matt Goulding.
Was war dein glücklichster Moment?
Rooftop-hunting in Yazd, diving in Komodo National Park, reporting from South Sudan, guidebook-writing in Berlin, summers at Bornholm.
Was möchtest du gerne lernen?
How to spend my money on health insurance rather than plane tickets. How to get stuff done without having a deadline. How to drink only one glass of wine.
Die Blogfabrik ist für dich…
The world's most inspiring cubicle
Magazine articles

Content Creation Week: A whole lot of Learning, a whole lot of Fun

Hundreds of visitors, dozens of workshops, a handful of journalists and a whole lot of fun. Those are just some of the outcomes of Content Creation Week, Blogfabrik's first attempt at organising something like Lollapalooza for content creators. What started as a small idea among the Blogfabrik leadership turned into a full-blown festival for the entire team and, not least, the many visitors.

Grover’s Creators Program: Making Digital Dreams Come True

The Content Creation Week successfully wrapped up its first edition in September. It was a hectic, fast-paced, fun and instructive week of workshops, panels, logistics, networking, and, for the Blogfabrik team, late nights and early mornings.

Five Alternative Workations

Remote work is a growing trend. These days you can hop on a nomad cruise, check-in at a co-working hotel or book a networking trip.

The Rooftops of Yazd

Travelling through Iran, I discovered a mysterious place full of wonder. On top of the roofs of Yazd, an ancient town in the desert.

Where The Internet Ends: A Dive Boat in Indonesia

Two wi-fi addicts found a way to kick their addiction: All they had to do was travel to the other side of the world, find a remote national park with no phone signal or electricity, and go on a multiday dive trip.

Digital Nomads: The Future of Work

The expats of the future dispatch themselves instead of waiting around for an overseas assignment. They call themselves digital nomads, and with nothing but their laptops, fast wi-fi and a strong sense of adventure, they are part of a growing global trend that is about to change how and where we work.