Keith Telfeyan

Stories of transcendence. Fiction, Essays, photography, video art

I stare at the sky. I stare at the brilliant blue, grey, black, white. Staring relaxes my mind, becomes meditation. I watch the clouds moving, birds flying, jet planes soaring through the vast firmament. The immensity of this field of vision puts everything in perspective. There is nothing beyond this world looking after us. This life is all we have, and it is magnificent.

I breathe. I see the little cells in my eyes dancing. It’s like a hallucination. I wonder about the nature of perception, about human limits, become more aware of my consciousness. I think of the interconnectedness of all things — how it must be like to fly, for instance. My blood courses through these veins but my experience is that of all things. Does a tree feel the wind blowing through it?


Keith Telfeyan

Writer, Video Artist