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I’ve been using Instagram since 2011 as @alexberlinetta. I began to take the app and its community more seriously when I started to gain a lot of new followers thanks to my architecture and car photos. In 2015 Instagram had a mechanism to suggest the best accounts to its users through a special list of featured Instagrammers. I had the great opportunity to be suggested by them and gain many followers growing from 2.4K to over 27K. Unfortunately a year later Instagram changed its way to feature the best profiles and now it’s impossible to grow so fast.

In the same year, I created another account called @carphiles that is dedicated only to classic car photos. I applied all the knowledge and experience that I earned from using the app every day. Since then I managed to organically build up my followers to 25K in only one year without any fake followers or fake engagement but simply by applying a series of simple techniques.

People normally think: Wow, is too much to do! So many things to keep in mind! So many tips!

Actually is simple when you get used to repeating all these tips in all your post and when you apply them in your free time, on your way home, on your break, etc.

Five Steps Mastering Instagram

On this article, I will give you five examples of my tips from my workshop „Mastering Instagram.“ If you want to learn more about it I would love to meet you in my next Workshop.

1- About you or your project: The bio on Instagram you have to take it as a Bussiness card, is very important where you are, what do you do, the website of your project and an easy username to remember related to your project.

2- Follow people with similar accounts and more followers: Why? Because you can see what they do, what hashtags they use, and also in what time they post. You can take it as an example or inspiration for your project.

3-Be active! Post at least 3 or 4 times per week: Why? That increases your engagement, and help to reach more people every time that you post.

4- Use specific hashtags in every post: Trying to found the right hashtags sounds like a challenging but being part of the community and following the right people you will found them. This tip increases your reach in be found it by someone else who has your same interests. For example, some of the hashtags for architecture shoots: #wearethestreets, #minimalistic, #arkiminimal #urbanromantix

5- Give likes, comment and send messages: This tip makes you visible, especially commenting the photos of another account because someone else can be interested in your comment or just your name, and you can gain a new follower because of that. Giving likes is very important makes you active and reachable, sending messages is more like breaking the ice and is a way to being part of the community, and why not gain a new follower or a new client because of that.

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