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People are still fascinated by print publications. Seeing work on a printed page holds a certain kind of magic that is hard to replicate on a laptop screen. For the most part, unless you have inside knowledge of making a magazine, the process can seem mysterious and hard to fathom. In this workshop, the whole process is demystified, and we work through all the steps you go through to take a magazine, from conception to completion.

During a plenty of everyday conversations, there are certain questions about magazines that crop up almost without fail. I’ve run through a selection of these FAQs below. Each of these gets answered in more depth in the workshop, but this gives a flavour of the thought processes you go through.

How do you start a magazine?
There are lots of different answers you could give in a day with a key ingredient – passion. A magazine is quite different. You need to consider various things: what kind of content do you want to go make, what are you going to do, and so on. There’s a lot you want to put under this umbrella. The first thing you want to do is make a cover story. From this point you can start working out the format that your magazine will take.

How much does a magazine cost to print?
This is a really common question that people ask, and it’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables that contribute to the final cost of a publication. How many pages does it have? What kind of paper do you print on? How many copies do you want to produce? It helps to think about these types of questions early on in the process. You could start by deciding what to do with it, or you can go crazy and think about some lavish print finish, then work out how to pay for it all.

How do you finance a magazine?
There are two ways to finance a magazine. The first is by selling advertising and the second is through magazine sales. There may be a mixture of these business models. For example, some magazines have no advertising whatsoever, and rely on publication sales to generate revenue. Other magazines are free distribution and make no money from magazine sales, and generate revenue from advertising sales alone. There are a lot of factors at play that will affect the model you want to go with, as well as the size of your potential readership and the number of places you could sell the magazine through.

How many people does it take to produce a magazine?
There are a huge number of variables at play.nIf you are looking for a business partner, then you may want to start a business with a small team. A magazine consists of editors, writers, photographers and designers. Some people do all of these things themselves! Start by figuring out what you want to do, and then you can work it out.

This is just a taste of the questions answered in the workshop. Each person in the workshop has the opportunity to put together their own concept for a magazine, including a page plan for the first issue. If you are interested in learning more about how to create your own publication, please feel free to contact us.