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Getting paid to travel the world might sound like a dream job to many, but the reality of travel journalism is a lot more complex and rewarding – though not always financially – than one might think.

I’m based in BerlinĀ but I spend half my time on the road to write travel stories and features about world affairs, culture and the digital economy. I’m the author of a bestselling guidebook to Berlin and my travel writing had been published in international publications such as Travel + Leisure, Roads & Kingdoms, Harper’s Bazaar and TIME, as well as in most of Denmark’s biggest newspapers and magazines.

The Workshop

The workshop is divided into three parts; an overview of the career opportunities in travel writing, a section about how to pitch, research, report, write and shoot the travel stories you dream about doing, and finally a look at the financial reality of travel writing.

In the first part of the workshop I will give you an overview of the industry, give you examples of the different kind of publications and stories you need to focus on as a travel journalist, and help determine where you might fit into the world of travel writing. I will also talk about pitching (and we’ll do some exercises) and the pros and cons of speciality versus parachute reporting.

In the second part of the workshop we’ll talk about travel writing on the go, focusing on the stories themselves; how to find, pitch, report, write and illustrate them, how to prepare for the trip, what to do once you’re on the road, and how to organize your work, your ideas and your visual material once you’re back home.

The final part of the workshop focuses on the financial reality of travel writing. In this section we’ll deal with questions such as how much publications actually pay, how you can finance your trip in an ethically sound way if the publication won’t cover the travel costs (cause most of the time it won’t), how you can piggyback assignments on top of one another, and what you can and can’t deduct as a freelance travel writer.

Throughout the workshop I will focus on the background, experience and dreams of the participants so that the workshop will serve as a guide to getting bylines in travel writing for the individual participant and not just as general background information.